iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo


Software/Firmware Issues

Corruption in the software or the firmware on your iPhone is the most common cause of this type of issue. When Apple releases a new version of iOS it has to get installed on your phone. If there is a pre-existing issue, most likely caused by a third-party app, installing that iOS update could have stopped your iPhone from starting up properly.

Unfortunately, restoring your iPhone to factory defaults is the only reliable way to bring it back to a fully functional state again which will remove all of your data. If you need to have your data backed up from a phone that is stuck on an Apple Logo get in touch with us.

Liquid Damage

Exposure to any type of liquid can also stop your iPhone from starting up properly. If you know that your iPhone was exposed tortant to have it treated as quickly as possible. Do not try to dry your phone out with rice (Find out why).

We have a number of tools that allow us to ensure that any trace of liquid in your iPhone have been removed. Please give us a call or stop by our physical location