Apple Support Question #2


I have an external hard drive that I have partitioned into two pieces; one for time machine backup and the other for a carbon copy cloner backup. I would like to unify these 2 pieces back into 1. How do I do it in Disk Utility? I am going to delete thafterwarderwards, but it can be deleted first if faster. Please help!


Assuming your external hard-drive is currently formatted as an HFS+ Volume the following steps should allow you to remove one partition and resize the remaining partition so that it fills the full disk. Keep in mind that removing a partition will delete all of the data contained within a file-system located on that partition.

[1] Open Disk Utility

[2] Select the Disk you would like to repartition in the left-hand pane

[3] Click the "Partition" button at the top of the window

[4] Select the partition that you would like to remove

[5] Click the ' - ' or minus-button under the pie chart depicting the current partitions on the disk

[6] Click 'Apply' and Disk Utility will remove the partition