Where can you get rid of your old electronics?

Almost everyone has that drawer or box (or closet in my case) with stacks of old phones, computers, and tablets. How does one dispose of these relics responsibly? Well, it's actually pretty simple and could take as little as a few minutes and a short drive to a drop-off location!

In the State of Oregon you have access to an array of awesome recycling options, but the first thing you should determine is if the device you are looking to unload has any resale value. We commonly run into older devices that have hard to find parts and our salvation is almost always something that was donated with compatible components. If you are interested in getting a quote for your old or broken electronics please feel free to reach out by phone or email. We offer free pickup options for large items as well!

Here are some other places you may consider checking out for resale of your device:




If your device does not have any resale value you can safely move forward with the following recycling options:

- Oregon DEQ

- Free Geek

- Green Century Online

Earth Friendly Recycling