iPhone Charging Issues

We have noticed quite a few iPhones coming in with charging issues recently and wanted to get some information out about the most common causes. Other guides may provide part of the solution, but we have yet to find anyone who explains all of the possible causes (except Jessa who is an exception to most rules).

Lint In Charging Ports can cause the phone not to charge. Ohh, the joys of pulling pocket lint out of iPhone charging ports. Although it is relatively easy to do with a pair of thin tip tweezers we strongly recommend relying on a third-party. There are two main reasons for this: (1) There are thin pins that can be damaged if not carefully avoided, (2) Additional diagnostics can be run on the device to verify that there is not another underlying issue contributing to a failure to charge issue.

Failing Batteries can cause a whole range of symptoms from unexpected shutdowns to a failure to charge properly. You can check the current health of your battery using a utility like Coconut Battery (http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutbattery/#faq) but there are more thorough options available to determine the current health of the battery which are not readily available to consumers.

Consumed Batteries frequently fail to charge as quickly as entirely functional batteries and in some cases can stop charging completely or simply not be able to provide the amount of power required to turn a phone back on once it is completely discharged. Most consumers hold onto their devices for long enough that their battery will enter a consumed state. Battery replacements are quite affordable 

Damaged Logic Boards are a possible cause as well either because of a device specific component failure like the U2 Chip in many Apple Mobile Devices which is supposed to control power flow or liquid damage. Luckily damaged logic boards can be repaired, but you should expect a turnaround time of about a week due to the complexity of troubleshooting required to identify problematic components.



iPhone Unexpected Shutdown/Restart

Unexpected Shutdowns on your iPhone/iPad are nothing new, but it seems like they are becoming more common, especially on older devices. Use the guide below to match your symptoms with a possible cause. Got questions? Get in touch with us and we will diagnose the issue for free at our physical location (5020 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97206).

Corrupted Software/Firmware is one of the most likely causes of this type of issue and luckily it is one of the easiest to address. Although it is possible to restore both iOS and the appropriate version of firmware for your iPhone using iTunes many people opt to have a this done on their behalf to ensure that the issue has been completely resolved. All iOS and Firmware restores that we perform include a battery health check and device cleaning.

Failing Batteries are the next most likely cause of these symptoms. Fortunately, battery replacements are generally completed in under an hour. All battery replacements come with a one-year limited warranty.

Logic Board failure can cause these symptoms and if it is diagnosed the cheapest way to get a fully functional device back in your hands is to replace the logic board or device entirely. In these situations we offer a trade-in program to customers who are interested in replacing their iPhone with one of our refurbished devices. All refurbished devices have a one-year warranty limited warranty that covers non-accidental damage and workmanship built into the price.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo


Software/Firmware Issues

Corruption in the software or the firmware on your iPhone is the most common cause of this type of issue. When Apple releases a new version of iOS it has to get installed on your phone. If there is a pre-existing issue, most likely caused by a third-party app, installing that iOS update could have stopped your iPhone from starting up properly.

Unfortunately, restoring your iPhone to factory defaults is the only reliable way to bring it back to a fully functional state again which will remove all of your data. If you need to have your data backed up from a phone that is stuck on an Apple Logo get in touch with us.

Liquid Damage

Exposure to any type of liquid can also stop your iPhone from starting up properly. If you know that your iPhone was exposed tortant to have it treated as quickly as possible. Do not try to dry your phone out with rice (Find out why).

We have a number of tools that allow us to ensure that any trace of liquid in your iPhone have been removed. Please give us a call or stop by our physical location